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Thanks to Social Media, It Is Within Everyone’s Reach to Build a Global Network Marketing Business

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Now it is within reach for every network marketer to build a global business thanks to social media. Your world is truly your oyster. It starts with an opportunity that allows you to easily grow internationally. Once that it is in place you’ll want to go to work networking through social media. Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Skype and beyond you can easily connect with other entrepreneurs around the globe.

21st Century Book Marketing Conference – Authors Are Advised Build Their Social Media Platform Now

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21st Century Book Marketing Conference Rocked the House

21st Century Book Marketing Conference, hosted by Arielle Ford and Mike Koenig, was chocked full of the who’s who of publishing and online marketing. The thrust throughout the two day conference was get savvy about online and social media marketing.

21st Century Book Marketing Stressed How Imperative You Build a Social Media Platform Now

No surprised authors are strongly encouraged to build their social media platforms even prior to releasing their book or books. The refrain was build your platform now even before writing your book or releasing your book. First, I have to say this was a fabulous event and there was so much that went on at this event in terms of speakers and content I’ll devote several posts to this extraordinary conference.

I couldn’t be happier that from publishers, publicists, authors and everyone in between advised to get a Facebook Fan Page and build your following and build up your followers on Twitter. This is refreshing advice and indicative of the changing world we live in.

Engage Your Friends and Fans on Facebook And Create More Leads for Your Business

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Great New Talent Online Leading with Heart

I love seeing all the new talent entering the online marketing world. What truly impresses me is not just talented online marketers but many more people who are participating and winning big in the online marketing game are bringing their passion and their heart to all that they do. One such blogger and online marketer is Ryan Yokome. This talented, passionate, heart driven young buck is blazing an online marketing trail.

Ryan Yokome’s Bog Is Stellar

Ryan’s Blog is elegant and clean look which let’s both his stellar content and offer shine. I love his video tutorials. Ryan focuses on sharing strategies that you can apply right away in your business. The one that caught my eye today was his video on creating free leads on Facebook through engagement. He shows some simple strategies that can have you creating new relationships, selling affiliate services and discovering new business partners.

Your Facebook Fan Page, Have You Checked Off Your 10 Point Check List?

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10 Point Check List That Will Have Your Facebook Fan Page Making Waves

You Want to Be Where Your Audience is Going

Your Facebook Fan Page is an integral part of your online marketing strategy. If you have not heard it before Facebook now has 500 Million users and the average user spends an average of 20 minutes per day twice a day on Facebook. This is a total of 40 minutes per user and I bet the amount of time that Facebook users stay on Facebook is climbing.

Build Your Authority and Your Personal Brand

If you are in business or would like to be I recommend creating a Facebook Fan Page to build your authority and build your personal brand. There is an abundance of excellent writers and social media mavens online that can steer you in the right direction. One of my favorites is Amy Porterfield. Amy is a social media strategist and a writer for the Social Media Examiner. One of her closest friends is Mari Smith a guru of all things Facebook. This alone is a hint of the caliber as aperson and marketer that Amy Porterfield is in the area of social media and online marketing.

Can Social Media and Blogging Lead to Enlightenment?

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Social Media, Blogging and Enlightenment in the same sentence? Last night Larry and I were watching the TED Talks (Stands for Technology Education and Development). If you are not familiar with the TED talks they are where the greatest minds in the world come to share innovation in their respective fields. Before I went to bed last night I was blessed to see Dr. Robert Thurman talk about enlightenment developing out of the internet and technology.

Dr. Thurman was speaking to the fact that the truth behind all things is interconnectedness. The internet, social media and blogging is connecting us in a multitude of ways with unlimited potential connections.

Boosting Your Personal Branding in Social Media in 3 Simple Steps

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oosting Your Brand in social media and the online world is a process of consistency and creativity. You need to think outside the box and most important both collaborate with others within your niche and involve your readers. Lastly using mediums like streaming video, podcasting will add more pizazz to your content.

I have been so blessed to connect with other fabulous bloggers within my niche and one of those extraordinary individuals is Danielle Zack. We are involved in a Blogging Mastermind together and her wisdom and ability to draw the best from those around her has truly blessed my life.

Danielle blog is always relevant, beautifully laid out and her content is stellar.

Want to Get More Out of Your Facebook Marketing, Use This Powerful and Free Tool?

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Leverage Your Facebook Marketing There is a lot of value to perfecting your Facebook Marketing. I find sometimes it is the simple things that work best. I discovered Sonny Lanorias and her wonderful blog this morning. I spend a lot of time on Facebook so checking out a free tool to assist me in my […]

Creating Tribe Syndication within Your Network Marketing Team

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I have always loved creating community. It is no wonder I fell in love with network marketing which is all about creating relationships, teams and ultimately creating community. Having joined The Unified Tribe to network, mastermind and grow the syndication of my articles, videos while helping others to do the same got me thinking.

Creating a version of this syndication within my network marketing team all I can say is Wow! Love the results happening for my team members.

The New Smart SEO, Social Engagement Opportunities

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When it comes to business and the internet our movement has followed a similar trajectory. The first brave souls were the pioneers and often lone rangers. They learned the web and how to market on the internet one step at a time. However, there were, and still are elite groups not usually accessible to your every day solo entrepreneur and small business owner.

Protecting Yourself from Fraud on Social Networks

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I want to start this post out by saying that by in large the great majority of people you will come across through social networks and social networking are by in far fabulous people. As in all communities there are a few individuals who choose for whatever reason to participate in fraud or even criminal […]

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