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Is Your Online Marketing Getting in the Way of Your Building a Network Marketing Team?

This may be a controversial subject but one I believe needs to be discussed. I know the value of online marketing, building your brand and your authority online. I know these days people also shop for sponsors and the first place they will look is to the web. They will do a google search on you so it is more and more important to have an online presence.

The Truth of Online Marketing

However the truth of the matter is that it takes time to build your online presence from your blog, facebook, twitter and youtube account among others. Especially if you are relying on organic marketing through content creation, blogging and social media you will have to commit some time to build your content and following on social media.

Building Network Marketing Team Takes Time

When it comes to building network marketing organizations, this too takes time. You are making contacts, directing people to tools, you are doing 3 -way calls, you are getting in front of your people’s decision making people, you are working with your emerging leaders, you are training your team members so how do you do it all?

21st Century Book Marketing Conference – Authors Are Advised Build Their Social Media Platform Now

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21st Century Book Marketing Conference Rocked the House

21st Century Book Marketing Conference, hosted by Arielle Ford and Mike Koenig, was chocked full of the who’s who of publishing and online marketing. The thrust throughout the two day conference was get savvy about online and social media marketing.

21st Century Book Marketing Stressed How Imperative You Build a Social Media Platform Now

No surprised authors are strongly encouraged to build their social media platforms even prior to releasing their book or books. The refrain was build your platform now even before writing your book or releasing your book. First, I have to say this was a fabulous event and there was so much that went on at this event in terms of speakers and content I’ll devote several posts to this extraordinary conference.

I couldn’t be happier that from publishers, publicists, authors and everyone in between advised to get a Facebook Fan Page and build your following and build up your followers on Twitter. This is refreshing advice and indicative of the changing world we live in.

Online Marketing Without a Detailed Marketing Funnel Is Like Playing Russian Roulette with Your Business

Are You Playing Russian Roulette with Your Online Business?

The Importance of Your Online Marketing Funnel

Successful Online Marketing requires planning. Creating a detailed marketing funnel for your online marketing gives structure to all your online endeavors. We have all heard the phrase that people don’t plan to fail they simply fail to plan. Most of us wouldn’t intend to take a hit or miss attitude with our businesses and this is actually what we are doing when we don’t create a detailed marketing funnel for our online marketing.

How to Make Linkedin Work for You in Your Online Marketing

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I have been a member of Linked In for several years now. I knew I was not tapping into it’s power, resources and connections and how best to use it in my online marketing eluded me. I have been so blessed to meet and become friends with a fabulous online marketer, blogger and psychic Donna Merrill. She has been rocking it with networking within Linked In community. She also has a fabulous blog that I enjoy visiting on a regular basis. Her blog is well organized with meaty content that can take your online progress to the next level.

In Your Online Marketing, Are You Picking Up the Phone?

Are you hiding behind your computer in your online marketing efforts? Taking online relationships offline will breathe life into your internet network marketing business. If you entered the online world to build your network marketing business with the hidden desire that you would have a business that goes on auto-pilot and you don’t need to connect or communicate with people then I am afraid you are in for some real disappointment.

Are You Too Busy to Connect?

Or are you just so busy learning internet marketing for your network marketing business that you are not allowing time in your day to call people, connect with your distributors and do 3-way calls? The rubber meets the road in the our connections with others. If you want to create long term residual income in your network marketing business, create and maintain fabulous relationships.

Finding Your Niche Starts with Identifying Your Passion

Finding Your Niche, Starts with Your Passion Finding Your Niche: Seven Keys that Will Guide You Along Your Journey Finding Your Niche Starts with Identifying Your Passion Finding your niche is not a mental exercise as much as it is an exercise of the heart. I love reading Gary Vaynerchuks ‘Crush It Cash in on […]

Marketing Funnel Mastery, the Power of Live Events

Having just attended Marketing Funnel Mastery inspired me to write about the power of live events. I saw this picture up on Facebook and you quickly discover the power of live events. A picture is worth a thousand words. You can feel the energy from this picture and the fun we were having. Most important is the individuals I was connecting with online, I was now able to develop deeper connections with in person at a live event. Whether it is to support each other, eventually enter into joint ventures and in some cases do business together. It is all possible when we connect the dots and take our online connecting offline.

The Power of Online Connections When You Take Them Offline, Meeting Kary Rogney in Person

Taking our online line connections offline is one of the most powerful things we can do with our online marketing and most important in our building of relationships that can last a life time. What is the purpose of online marketing? For some is to sell products, affiliate programs, building our network marketing businesses however at the end of the day the lasting opportunities are the relationships we build, the relationship we create over time.

I had the pleasure to meet Kary Rogney, an extraordinary blogger, social media and internet marketer. Kary is so much more than all that. He is intelligent, intuitive and sensitive. In his offline world he is a passionate first grade teacher, fabulous husband and dad to two beautiful sons. His wife Kellie is vibrant, intelligent soul and they are perfect together. Kellie is passionate about home schooling, nutrition and family and together they are providing their two boys a fabulous foundation to launch their lives.

Article Marketing Tip for Driving Targeted Traffic to Your Articles and Blogs

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Targeted Traffic Driving Tip for getting traffic to your articles, website or blog. Using your key word phrase in a goggle search with the word comments brings up the top articles, websites and blogs in your niche that allow comments. Read the top articles, comment and where stated write in the link to your article, website or blog.

Affiliate Programs Monetize Your Business

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Monetize your marketing with affiliate tools that help you extend your reach on the internet. Create value for those on your mailing list while offering powerful tools to assist your associates. Create positive cash flow from day one.

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