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Thanks to Social Media, It Is Within Everyone’s Reach to Build a Global Network Marketing Business

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Now it is within reach for every network marketer to build a global business thanks to social media. Your world is truly your oyster. It starts with an opportunity that allows you to easily grow internationally. Once that it is in place you’ll want to go to work networking through social media. Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Skype and beyond you can easily connect with other entrepreneurs around the globe.

Is Your Online Marketing Getting in the Way of Your Building a Network Marketing Team?

This may be a controversial subject but one I believe needs to be discussed. I know the value of online marketing, building your brand and your authority online. I know these days people also shop for sponsors and the first place they will look is to the web. They will do a google search on you so it is more and more important to have an online presence.

The Truth of Online Marketing

However the truth of the matter is that it takes time to build your online presence from your blog, facebook, twitter and youtube account among others. Especially if you are relying on organic marketing through content creation, blogging and social media you will have to commit some time to build your content and following on social media.

Building Network Marketing Team Takes Time

When it comes to building network marketing organizations, this too takes time. You are making contacts, directing people to tools, you are doing 3 -way calls, you are getting in front of your people’s decision making people, you are working with your emerging leaders, you are training your team members so how do you do it all?

21st Century Book Marketing Conference – Authors Are Advised Build Their Social Media Platform Now

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21st Century Book Marketing Conference Rocked the House

21st Century Book Marketing Conference, hosted by Arielle Ford and Mike Koenig, was chocked full of the who’s who of publishing and online marketing. The thrust throughout the two day conference was get savvy about online and social media marketing.

21st Century Book Marketing Stressed How Imperative You Build a Social Media Platform Now

No surprised authors are strongly encouraged to build their social media platforms even prior to releasing their book or books. The refrain was build your platform now even before writing your book or releasing your book. First, I have to say this was a fabulous event and there was so much that went on at this event in terms of speakers and content I’ll devote several posts to this extraordinary conference.

I couldn’t be happier that from publishers, publicists, authors and everyone in between advised to get a Facebook Fan Page and build your following and build up your followers on Twitter. This is refreshing advice and indicative of the changing world we live in.

My 30 Day Blogging Challenge Experience

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I felt is appropriate and timely to share my 30 Day Blogging Challenge experience. We are down to the last two days of the month of August and what an experience it has been! Life changing actually on many levels. I couldn’t help but think of it as running a race where the crowds are cheering us on. I can actually see and here the crowds now.

Blogging Everyday 5 Days a Week Has Been a Push

Blogging everyday 5 days a week has been a push for me. I’d find myself writing my posts early in the morning to leave the majority of my day for the other tasks that need to be done in my business. There were times that I was bone tired having suffered both adrenal and thyroid exhaustion so finding the right balance can be tricky.

I Created the 30 Day Blogging Challenge for Encouragement

I created the 30 Day Blogging challenge as a way to encourage myself and others to stay the course. Maybe for some blogging everyday comes naturally however I found for me, I felt just a bit out of balance with the continued push to create great content without overwhelming myself. I am so glad I did the challenge because it did get easier to write and come up with good content and stay consistent. Sometimes pushing can be a good thing. I almost saw this as sprint for the month of August.

202 Blogging Tips That Create Insane Blog Traffic, Ana Hoffman Delivers in Spades

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202 Blogging Tips that Create Insane Blog Traffic

Ana Hoffman Delivers in Spades

If there is two pieces of advice I can give you to create a growing list online and ultimately create a legacy, identify and live from your passion and over deliver! Ana Hoffman does this in spades. Her blog reflects her style and energy and her content rocks. Ultimately it is all about the connections we make with others. However it starts with generating traffic. As you craft your brand, develop your marketing funnel amazing people will show up. New business partners, affiliate products sold and joint ventures created.

Ana delivers in spades 202 bite size ways to drive massive amounts of traffic to your blog. Are you ready to break it wide open? Are you ready to over deliver? This is one of life’s great lessons. You have to give it all away to have it all.

By the way one of the things I love about this list of traffic generating tips, it all stuff you can apply right way in your blogging, its free and it works. I will be referring back to this post often and capitalizing off of what Ana so generously has shared.

Engage Your Friends and Fans on Facebook And Create More Leads for Your Business

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Great New Talent Online Leading with Heart

I love seeing all the new talent entering the online marketing world. What truly impresses me is not just talented online marketers but many more people who are participating and winning big in the online marketing game are bringing their passion and their heart to all that they do. One such blogger and online marketer is Ryan Yokome. This talented, passionate, heart driven young buck is blazing an online marketing trail.

Ryan Yokome’s Bog Is Stellar

Ryan’s Blog is elegant and clean look which let’s both his stellar content and offer shine. I love his video tutorials. Ryan focuses on sharing strategies that you can apply right away in your business. The one that caught my eye today was his video on creating free leads on Facebook through engagement. He shows some simple strategies that can have you creating new relationships, selling affiliate services and discovering new business partners.

Your Facebook Fan Page, Have You Checked Off Your 10 Point Check List?

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10 Point Check List That Will Have Your Facebook Fan Page Making Waves

You Want to Be Where Your Audience is Going

Your Facebook Fan Page is an integral part of your online marketing strategy. If you have not heard it before Facebook now has 500 Million users and the average user spends an average of 20 minutes per day twice a day on Facebook. This is a total of 40 minutes per user and I bet the amount of time that Facebook users stay on Facebook is climbing.

Build Your Authority and Your Personal Brand

If you are in business or would like to be I recommend creating a Facebook Fan Page to build your authority and build your personal brand. There is an abundance of excellent writers and social media mavens online that can steer you in the right direction. One of my favorites is Amy Porterfield. Amy is a social media strategist and a writer for the Social Media Examiner. One of her closest friends is Mari Smith a guru of all things Facebook. This alone is a hint of the caliber as aperson and marketer that Amy Porterfield is in the area of social media and online marketing.

Your Blog the Central Hub of All Your Online Marketing

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Your Blog the Central Hub of Your Online Marketing The Blogging Wave is Here Everyone and their mother is getting involved with the wave of interest to stake out your piece of internet real estate. Never has there been a better time to get into blogging. What Part Does Your Blog Play in Your Internet […]

My 30 Day Blogging Challenge Experience So Far…

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30 Day Blogging Challenge Wow, It Has Only Been a Week and the 30 Day Blogging Challenge is Rocking My World Wow, it has only been one week but the 30 Day Blogging Challenge has been rocking my world. I started posting daily 5 days a week two weeks prior to the official launch of […]

Another Blogger’s Inspiration to Take on the ProBlogger 7 Link Challenge

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Woke up early this morning and of course I ended up on my laptop blog walking. I became inspired by Terry Tiessen taking on Darren Rowse’s Seven Link Challenge. First I want to commend Terry for her passion and commitment to take on the Seven Link Challenge, Terry is a fairly new MLM blogger and she is jumping in with both feet. What respect and admiration I have for her.

Perhaps because I have only been blogging for a year and half I can identify with Terry’s passion and desire to let no moss grow under her feet when it comes to upping her blogging game. It takes courage and a sense of adventure and introspection to be willing to take on the challenge of our more seasoned colleagues like Darren Rowse.

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