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MLM Success Requires Switching Your Mindset from Employee to Entrepreneur

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Do you feel there has to be a better way but don’t know what it is? It is essential for MLM Success that you shift your mindset from employee to entrepreneur. I see so many individuals joining the ranks of network marketing companies and they simply transfer their employee thinking to their new venture. I […]

MLM Blogging, Why Core Authenticity is Essential and Can Even Make You Sexier

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MLM Blogging and core authenticity are essential to your success as an MLM Blogger and to your success in life. In fact authenticity is sexy and very magnetic. It draws others to you. They will want to read what you have to say and will want to work with you.

I was inspired by Rose Mis who is the author and the Executive Chef (aka Chief Cook and Bottle Washer ;-) ) of the Attraction Marketing Training Kitchen. What struck me first was Rose’s eloquence. Her writing style is magnetic as was her title of her post.” MLM Blogging – Stylish, Smart, Sexy, Stimulating Core Authenticity.” Who wouldn’t want to read this post?

Marketing Funnel Mastery, the Power of Live Events

Having just attended Marketing Funnel Mastery inspired me to write about the power of live events. I saw this picture up on Facebook and you quickly discover the power of live events. A picture is worth a thousand words. You can feel the energy from this picture and the fun we were having. Most important is the individuals I was connecting with online, I was now able to develop deeper connections with in person at a live event. Whether it is to support each other, eventually enter into joint ventures and in some cases do business together. It is all possible when we connect the dots and take our online connecting offline.

The Power of Online Connections When You Take Them Offline, Meeting Kary Rogney in Person

Taking our online line connections offline is one of the most powerful things we can do with our online marketing and most important in our building of relationships that can last a life time. What is the purpose of online marketing? For some is to sell products, affiliate programs, building our network marketing businesses however at the end of the day the lasting opportunities are the relationships we build, the relationship we create over time.

I had the pleasure to meet Kary Rogney, an extraordinary blogger, social media and internet marketer. Kary is so much more than all that. He is intelligent, intuitive and sensitive. In his offline world he is a passionate first grade teacher, fabulous husband and dad to two beautiful sons. His wife Kellie is vibrant, intelligent soul and they are perfect together. Kellie is passionate about home schooling, nutrition and family and together they are providing their two boys a fabulous foundation to launch their lives.

Are You Seeking Out Mentorship?

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Regardless of where you find yourself in your life and your career path, your business, mentorship is essential. I have had many mentors in my life and I can promise you when I have had active mentoring is when my life grew by leaps and bounds. Reading books, seminars and networking all play an important part in our lives and yet they do not replace personal mentorship.

Having a colleague/coach to speak to on a regular basis is invaluable. The challenge and the opportunity is finding the right mentorship for where you are in your life journey. The individuals I mentored with in years past around my profession were invaluable to me and yet today they would not be the mentorship I would seek out.

I have grown spiritually, professionally and it is important to me to attract a person who not only do I resonate with, but who is living their life at a level I want to emulate. I have attempted to work with coaches in the past who were life coaches but did not respect or even understand my career path of network marketing for me of course this was a total disconnect.

I now seek out people who are actively growing themselves personally, spiritually and in business. I am passionate about network marketing thus I seek those who are making a huge contribution to our profession as a whole.

Avoiding Launch Overwhelm, What You Can Do Now

Never before has there been so much good content being produced for internet marketing applicable to any business model including network marketing. As a result of the maturing of the internet and the profession of network marketing there is a cornucopia of fabulous information/education launches happening right now.

If you are just getting starting or even a seasoned professional how do you keep from getting into information overload or what I call Launch Overwhelm? It goes back to the well recited phrase, ‘Most people don’t plan to fail they simply fail to plan.’ You must create your own master game plan.

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