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Creating Videos That Connect and Get Found on the Web

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Creating Videos that Connect with Your Audience and Get Found on the Web

Be Yourself, Be Authentic

There is only one you, don’t attempt to be like someone else just be yourself. Share your style and your personal branding and your authentic self will shine through. People know when we are not being ourselves so relax and celebrate that you having something to offer in a way no one else can. Your audience is seeking you so you only need to show up and offer the best value in your unique way.

Get Your Video Seen By Your Target Audience

Make Your Title Count

Just as in blog posts title’s carry a tremendous amount of weight. Create a great video Title and it can pull in a huge amount of traffic. You want your Titles to be optimized for both human interest and search engine optimization. Use your key words in the title of your video and create Titles that are catchy and interesting.

Remember Google owns Youtube so you can see there is a definite connection between video and searched content. When posting your videos,I recommend that you post them to youtube. Use a Key word rich title that is catchy, use key words in the description of the video and use the proper key words and tags when posting your videos.

Be Interesting, Informative, Funny and Provide How To Content

Two of the most sought after areas content on the internet is content that is funny and content that provides how to information. Position yourself as a thought leader and trusted advisor in your area of expertise. All of this continues to grow your brand.

Keep Your Videos Short

Because our time is valuable and attention spans are shortening keep your videos targeted focused and no more than 3- 4 minutes. In late, 2009 ComScore found that the average video online is 3.8 minutes in length.

Borrow From Hollywood

In the beginning keep your videos simple. Simply talk to the camera and have a background that does not distract from you. Keep it simple until you are super comfortable.

Renegade Professional Helps Network Marketers Thrive

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Ann Sieg and Mike Klingler has taken the guess work out of internet marketing for network marketers. Renegade Professional is a a point and click video training system that covers every aspect of internet marketing from creating a website or blog, social media, article marketing and pay per click marketing.

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