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Inbound Marketing, Building Organically Creates an Enduring Asset for Your Business

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I don’t about you but I can be a bit impatient at times with my marketing. Sometimes I want to have built huge exposure overnight and a huge following but like the tortoise and the hare story, the tortoise approach to your marketing has a huge payoff. It is easy to be tempted to throw money at your marketing to hurry it along and yet in the long run content is king on the web. Organic marketing builds your marketing on a solid and enduring foundation.

My definition of organic marketing versus traditional outbound marketing is that you are relying on good content and utilizing social media to get your message out to the market place by offering tremendous value to your readers. Traditionally marketing was ruled by those who had the biggest wallets and the ability to get their messages out to the market place over and over again. It relied on a one directional approach where organic marketing is dynamic and is multi-directional and when done properly invites the participation of all.

Mastering Social Media One Bite At a Time

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his post is very pertinent to my own journey. It is easy to get distracted and running into too many different directions when setting up your points of contact on the web for your internet marketing. I have 2 youtube channels, my husband has a youtube channel for his new business, I have two blogs, my facebook and my twitter account. I have a dozen or so articles I have written thus far. My plan is to connect all these points and use my youtube channels and articles in part to drive traffic to my blog. As a Master Plan it has a lot of merit however there is something to be said for focusing your efforts.

In looking back at my internet marketing experience thus far I can see another approach that I believe deserves consideration. Pick one social media platform and master it. Once mastered pick another medium and master that as well. In other words build each piece of your network on the web one social medium at a time. I have been on Facebook for two years but only recently am I fully realizing the potential of Facebook.

Twitter Tips

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My husband and I have been attending Tweet Ups in Sedona and Flagstaff AZ. I love this venue, think of it as Meetups for people who use Twitter to promote their businesses. A new feature of the last event we attended at the Sedona Hilton was to share our favorite Twitter tips. I gained some real gems that I will share in this post.

Decide in terms of your marketing strategy what your target markets are and seek those individuals out. Be clear on your marketing goals so as you build your list of twitter followers you are attracting those who may be interested in what you are offering.

The hardest thing is to share and be heard on Twitter. If you have a big list of followers how do you target those followers that can benefit from what you are sharing? One of the social media mavens at this event shared with me that it would be very beneficial for me to use of hashtags in all my tweets when targeting a niche subject. An example if I want to tweet on a tip for social media I’d include #social media usually at the end of my tweet. My husband Larry who has been using Twitter for several years uses the hashtag prior to any key word in his sentence when he wants his subject to stand out to those who may be interested in picking up on what he is saying.

Twitter Overwhelms Some Now with the Lists Feature You Can Organize Your Twitter Life

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I have been so busy building two blogs, setting up my video marketing and building up my friends on Facebook, setting up a Fan Page I left Twitter for last. I know Twitter can be a great tool but frankly I was overwhelmed with Twitter. A year ago when I joined Twitter I barely used it, when I set up some automated tools into my Twitter Account I started having a steady stream of followers and sadly I had no time to develop relationships on my Twitter account.

Now that I’m getting close to having most my marketing pieces in place of course always a work in progress I will be able to devote more time to developing quality connections on Twitter. I was overjoyed that Twitter just announced the use of “lists” on Twitter. The “list” feature allows you to organize your followers according to category, like friends, business colleagues and niche market lists like in my case social media, internet marketing, social media coaching, health, nutrition, wellness, fitness etc. I now have a way to make sense of my followers and better serve and focus my energies.

Joint Ventures Can Empower Your Network Marketing Business

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Again my mentor in Internet Marketing has been my husband Larry Pollock. He is self taught Mac geek and has been on the web since the early 90′s. As I have mentioned in several articles, he lead a Rapid Weaver Forum for three years. He donated his time to answer questions about a MAC based […]


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