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Wow, the Secret of Becoming a Sponsoring Machine is Easier than You Think

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It is funny when we think of leaders and that massively sponsor into their businesses and help others do the same what is their secret formula? It can often seem elusive on how to up your business building game to join those who excel at sponsoring and training however the key tenants are actually easy to apply to your business.

I landed on a great resource this morning, a blog called The Best MLM Resources. It is actually a great place to stop by from time to time to access those resources that will propel and move your MLM business forward and creating MLM success.

Being a MLM sponsoring machine not about being the best closer, using manipulative marketing techniques or working 20 hours a day. What a relief to know you can turn on your sponsoring prowess simply by applying some powerful tenants to your business building practices.

Twitter Tips

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My husband and I have been attending Tweet Ups in Sedona and Flagstaff AZ. I love this venue, think of it as Meetups for people who use Twitter to promote their businesses. A new feature of the last event we attended at the Sedona Hilton was to share our favorite Twitter tips. I gained some real gems that I will share in this post.

Decide in terms of your marketing strategy what your target markets are and seek those individuals out. Be clear on your marketing goals so as you build your list of twitter followers you are attracting those who may be interested in what you are offering.

The hardest thing is to share and be heard on Twitter. If you have a big list of followers how do you target those followers that can benefit from what you are sharing? One of the social media mavens at this event shared with me that it would be very beneficial for me to use of hashtags in all my tweets when targeting a niche subject. An example if I want to tweet on a tip for social media I’d include #social media usually at the end of my tweet. My husband Larry who has been using Twitter for several years uses the hashtag prior to any key word in his sentence when he wants his subject to stand out to those who may be interested in picking up on what he is saying.

Facebook Fan Pages Can Turbo Charge Your List Building

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Facebook is an phenomenon in the way that people now interrelate on the internet. 300 Million users and growing now on Facebook. 2.0 marketing understands that now those who are being marketed to are determining how they want to receive their information. One of the reasons that Social Media has caught the imagination of the public is because it allows for a two way conversation, in fact it allows for conversations between any number of people who choose to engage on any particular topic.

The last 10 years has seen a huge push when it comes to internet marketing of the importance of creating your ever important email list. Ideally you want to create a targeted list of people who are interested in the topics and products you offer. Until social media came of age, the lists being built were mostly what I call static lists. Yes, when done properly the individuals on the list were highly interested in your offerings. Forums have always had the power of being interactive and community building vehicles. Offering comment boxes on your blog would give the individuals visiting your blog an opportunity to give feedback, ideas and insights but does not give your visitors an opportunity to interact with other visitors.

Article Marketing Tip for Driving Targeted Traffic to Your Articles and Blogs

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Targeted Traffic Driving Tip for getting traffic to your articles, website or blog. Using your key word phrase in a goggle search with the word comments brings up the top articles, websites and blogs in your niche that allow comments. Read the top articles, comment and where stated write in the link to your article, website or blog.

Renegade Professional Helps Network Marketers Thrive

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Ann Sieg and Mike Klingler has taken the guess work out of internet marketing for network marketers. Renegade Professional is a a point and click video training system that covers every aspect of internet marketing from creating a website or blog, social media, article marketing and pay per click marketing.

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