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Thanks to Social Media, It Is Within Everyone’s Reach to Build a Global Network Marketing Business

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Now it is within reach for every network marketer to build a global business thanks to social media. Your world is truly your oyster. It starts with an opportunity that allows you to easily grow internationally. Once that it is in place you’ll want to go to work networking through social media. Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Skype and beyond you can easily connect with other entrepreneurs around the globe.

Why You Want to Catch the Online Video Marketing Wave Part I

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This will be the first of a series of posts on the power of online video. In today’s post I focus on why you will want to get involved in this seismic online video marketing wave.

To Grow Your Personal Brand and Grow Your Business

Heard of Gary Vaynerchuk? If you don’t recognize his name you’ll probably recognize his best selling book, “Why Now is the Time to Crush It! Cash in on Your Passion. Gary was doing reasonably well with his dad’s liquor store and wine shop offline but when he took to using social media and taking his marketing online he chose video.

Gary started a Vlog which is a Blog with Video. He’s no dummy. He knew it was all about personal branding. He is earthy, uses a few four letter words and best of all he doesn’t fall into the category of the typical wine expert. Gary knows his wine but presents wine totally differently and he was able to quickly capitalize on what makes him different by using video as his main medium online.

Can Social Media and Blogging Lead to Enlightenment?

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Social Media, Blogging and Enlightenment in the same sentence? Last night Larry and I were watching the TED Talks (Stands for Technology Education and Development). If you are not familiar with the TED talks they are where the greatest minds in the world come to share innovation in their respective fields. Before I went to bed last night I was blessed to see Dr. Robert Thurman talk about enlightenment developing out of the internet and technology.

Dr. Thurman was speaking to the fact that the truth behind all things is interconnectedness. The internet, social media and blogging is connecting us in a multitude of ways with unlimited potential connections.

Boosting Your Personal Branding in Social Media in 3 Simple Steps

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oosting Your Brand in social media and the online world is a process of consistency and creativity. You need to think outside the box and most important both collaborate with others within your niche and involve your readers. Lastly using mediums like streaming video, podcasting will add more pizazz to your content.

I have been so blessed to connect with other fabulous bloggers within my niche and one of those extraordinary individuals is Danielle Zack. We are involved in a Blogging Mastermind together and her wisdom and ability to draw the best from those around her has truly blessed my life.

Danielle blog is always relevant, beautifully laid out and her content is stellar.

How to Make Linkedin Work for You in Your Online Marketing

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I have been a member of Linked In for several years now. I knew I was not tapping into it’s power, resources and connections and how best to use it in my online marketing eluded me. I have been so blessed to meet and become friends with a fabulous online marketer, blogger and psychic Donna Merrill. She has been rocking it with networking within Linked In community. She also has a fabulous blog that I enjoy visiting on a regular basis. Her blog is well organized with meaty content that can take your online progress to the next level.

Want to Get More Out of Your Facebook Marketing, Use This Powerful and Free Tool?

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Leverage Your Facebook Marketing There is a lot of value to perfecting your Facebook Marketing. I find sometimes it is the simple things that work best. I discovered Sonny Lanorias and her wonderful blog this morning. I spend a lot of time on Facebook so checking out a free tool to assist me in my […]

The Power of Online Connections When You Take Them Offline, Meeting Kary Rogney in Person

Taking our online line connections offline is one of the most powerful things we can do with our online marketing and most important in our building of relationships that can last a life time. What is the purpose of online marketing? For some is to sell products, affiliate programs, building our network marketing businesses however at the end of the day the lasting opportunities are the relationships we build, the relationship we create over time.

I had the pleasure to meet Kary Rogney, an extraordinary blogger, social media and internet marketer. Kary is so much more than all that. He is intelligent, intuitive and sensitive. In his offline world he is a passionate first grade teacher, fabulous husband and dad to two beautiful sons. His wife Kellie is vibrant, intelligent soul and they are perfect together. Kellie is passionate about home schooling, nutrition and family and together they are providing their two boys a fabulous foundation to launch their lives.

Creating Tribe Syndication within Your Network Marketing Team

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I have always loved creating community. It is no wonder I fell in love with network marketing which is all about creating relationships, teams and ultimately creating community. Having joined The Unified Tribe to network, mastermind and grow the syndication of my articles, videos while helping others to do the same got me thinking.

Creating a version of this syndication within my network marketing team all I can say is Wow! Love the results happening for my team members.

Net Neutrality Means Keeping the Internet Free for Everyone

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If you use the internet, you must be you’re reading this post, you do business on the internet or both you need to make your voice heard right now. There is a struggle in Congress in regards to net neutrality which means keeping the internet free for you and me and all citizens.

Why should you care? Imagine for a moment that the internet over the next few years becomes controlled by a few large companies who also happen to control the infrastructure of the internet and now they control what websites and blogs you can find on the internet. This greatly impacts us as citizens, consumers and middle to small business owners.

The New Smart SEO, Social Engagement Opportunities

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When it comes to business and the internet our movement has followed a similar trajectory. The first brave souls were the pioneers and often lone rangers. They learned the web and how to market on the internet one step at a time. However, there were, and still are elite groups not usually accessible to your every day solo entrepreneur and small business owner.

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