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Taking More Action, Harnessing the Power of Fear by Changing Your Associations

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Taking more action is a matter of changing your focus and your associations. It has been said, we are more motivated as humans to avoiding our fears than attaining our desires and goals. I found this post by Katie Frieling, thought provoking. If you are not familiar with Katie she is passionate about personal development, personal growth, and an expert in optimizing social media and online marketing. She is a gem and you can gain so much from her blog and the great content she provides.

Taking More Action, Harnessing the Power of Fear by Changing Your Associations

In Katie’s post and video she takes the time to dig behind what motivates us and how we can make that work to our benefit. When we operate unconsciously there is no hope for transformational change and progress. Simply by becoming aware of the power of fear in lives and our desire to avoid that which we are afraid of can be used as powerful tool through creating new associations.

Jonathon Budd Shares a Powerful Process, the Ultimate Outcome for You is Freedom

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Jonathon Budd Shares a Process, the Ultimate Experience is Freedom In keeping with my theme this week on personal development and meditation this post from Jonathon felt more than relevant. In fact this is a post shares a process that will certainly assist all of us on the road to enlightenment. You may be thinking […]

The Art of Connection Starts With Caring About Others

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I am blessed to be apart of a fabulous blogging mastermind with two other amazing female bloggers. We are writing and creating videos on a series of topics that are pertinent to online marketing. Today’s topic is pertinent to all areas of our lives, the art of connection. I love the words the art of connection because it truly is an art. Connections with others is to be cultivated and elevated to an art form.

Starts with Caring About Others

I thought where would I start with the discussion of the art of connection? I knew my discussion had to start with caring for others. One can not truly connect until one cares. If I am self absorbed I will not be a good connector with others. I will not put myself in their shoes. So truly connecting has to do with caring, empathy with another person. When I put myself into another person shoes I now have the opportunity to connect. What is the phrase do not judge another until you have walked a day in his moccasins. A powerful code to live by.

Programming Your Mind for Success is Easier Than You Think

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Kenny Keils reveals 5 simple steps for overcoming patterns in our behavior that hold us back from our goals. I was drawn to feature this content because of how crucial mindset is to our success in life. Given the amount of information that hits each of us each and everyday, Kenny’s simple recipe for programming our mind is a breath of fresh air. Simple things that you can do right now that will create immediate results in your life.

Personal Development Starts with Accountability, What is Accountability and How Can We Cultivate it?

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Personal development as the name implies means to grow as a human being to step into your greater self. A key component to personal development is accountability. Until there is accountability there is no true and lasting opportunity to grow as a person. None of us grow in isolation, we grow by our interactions and our relationships with others. It is our accountability that develops our leadership and gains the trust of others.

MLM Success Requires Switching Your Mindset from Employee to Entrepreneur

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Do you feel there has to be a better way but don’t know what it is? It is essential for MLM Success that you shift your mindset from employee to entrepreneur. I see so many individuals joining the ranks of network marketing companies and they simply transfer their employee thinking to their new venture. I […]

Are You Seeking Out Mentorship?

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Regardless of where you find yourself in your life and your career path, your business, mentorship is essential. I have had many mentors in my life and I can promise you when I have had active mentoring is when my life grew by leaps and bounds. Reading books, seminars and networking all play an important part in our lives and yet they do not replace personal mentorship.

Having a colleague/coach to speak to on a regular basis is invaluable. The challenge and the opportunity is finding the right mentorship for where you are in your life journey. The individuals I mentored with in years past around my profession were invaluable to me and yet today they would not be the mentorship I would seek out.

I have grown spiritually, professionally and it is important to me to attract a person who not only do I resonate with, but who is living their life at a level I want to emulate. I have attempted to work with coaches in the past who were life coaches but did not respect or even understand my career path of network marketing for me of course this was a total disconnect.

I now seek out people who are actively growing themselves personally, spiritually and in business. I am passionate about network marketing thus I seek those who are making a huge contribution to our profession as a whole.

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