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Help! I’ve Burned Through My Warm Market!

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I seem to have burned through my “Warm market” and am not good at just walking up to random strangers, I don’t have the money to buy leads, how can I add affiliates to my organization?
This is an excellent question because it’s common. I won’t answer it the way many people would expect me to answer it – or would want me to answer it. But I will answer it truthfully.
The short answer is: If a person is not confident in their ability to prospect, they will find ways to stop themselves from prospecting.
I will not win a popularity contest for my answer – but if you look this over thoroughly you’ll see that it’s the truth.
So let’s go back through the question and let me point out something.
“I seemed to have burned through my warm market.” This is perhaps where the LACK of confidence in ability exposed itself. If a person sees that what they did didn’t yield any result or, even worse, might have caused some damage or strain on those warm market relationships, then the person might decide they’re not good at walking up and talking to strangers.
They might also conclude that selling their TV and cancelling their subscription to cable so they have the money to buy leads would probably be a waste of a good TV.
A person very confident in their ability to prospect wouldn’t think twice about CREATING the money to buy leads, buy newspaper advertisements, send out post cards to their local zip code, etc. So where the person who asked this question said, “I don’t have the money,” they were really saying, “I don’t have confidence to create the money.”

A 30 Second Response That Gets People Interested in M.L.M

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A 30 Second Response That Gets People Interested in M.L.M By Tim Sales I have to tell you this short story and I believe it will be very valuable to you. I was playing golf with a multi-millionaire whom I have known for about a year. When we first met, the person who introduced us […]

If You Haven’t Had Success Yet, How Can You Promise Your Prospects Success?

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By Tim Sales

I received this question from a fellow network marketer named Terry.

“Dear Tim,
I can’t get past the feelings of being a fake when I talk to my prospects, because I haven’t made it in this business yet, and yet I’m telling them I can help them to get what it is they need and want. I really do want to help others succeed, but am not sure that I can actually do so if I haven’t made it there myself. This is causing me to give up on prospects who have a need to make it work and who have a strong goal in focus – because if I say I can help them, but then I or they don’t succeed, I will feel like I’ve sold them a crock. This is really stopping me from getting out there and making this work” – Terry

Are You the Kind of Network Marketing Leader That Inspires Others to Greatness?

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I have been in network marketing now full time for over 27 years. It has been an extraordinary journey. I have grown up in network marketing, become a better person, experienced my personal power and served others. However, it wasn’t always that way and I had tremendous personal growth to experience to come to this point in time. I had my family of origin issues, neglect, secrets and all the rest. I had to come to a place where forgiveness was my mantra and a complete willingness to let go of what did not serve me from my past. A shedding if you will of my personal story.

I Had to Heal My Past and Let Go of My Story

I have a giving heart however in my network marketing experiences I had not always attracted that support in return. I realized even then and certainly now I was healing my past specifically my family issues. I have recently embarked on something I thought I’d never do which is build another network marketing team from scratch. What is so beautiful this time however I am doing it from a more more awaken state and having done a lot of personal work.

Thanks to Social Media, It Is Within Everyone’s Reach to Build a Global Network Marketing Business

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Now it is within reach for every network marketer to build a global business thanks to social media. Your world is truly your oyster. It starts with an opportunity that allows you to easily grow internationally. Once that it is in place you’ll want to go to work networking through social media. Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Skype and beyond you can easily connect with other entrepreneurs around the globe.

Is Your Online Marketing Getting in the Way of Your Building a Network Marketing Team?

This may be a controversial subject but one I believe needs to be discussed. I know the value of online marketing, building your brand and your authority online. I know these days people also shop for sponsors and the first place they will look is to the web. They will do a google search on you so it is more and more important to have an online presence.

The Truth of Online Marketing

However the truth of the matter is that it takes time to build your online presence from your blog, facebook, twitter and youtube account among others. Especially if you are relying on organic marketing through content creation, blogging and social media you will have to commit some time to build your content and following on social media.

Building Network Marketing Team Takes Time

When it comes to building network marketing organizations, this too takes time. You are making contacts, directing people to tools, you are doing 3 -way calls, you are getting in front of your people’s decision making people, you are working with your emerging leaders, you are training your team members so how do you do it all?

Your Circle of Success in Network Marketing

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Your Circle of Success in Network Marketing My Mentor in Network Marketing My mentor in network marketing back 27 years ago taught me a system or better yet a  process if you will that has served me very well over the years in network marketing. Knowing and then understanding this process can make all the […]

How to Set Up Successful 3-way Calls, That Get Results in Your MLM Business

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Setting Up Effective 3-way Calls that Get Results

I have been doing a series of posts on the power of 3-way calls in your business, why they are important, how to set up the perfect 3-way call and now we are going to cover how to set up your 3-way calls that render you results in creating massive duplication on your team.

Ahead of Time Get the Bio of the 3rd Party Person Your Are Introducing to Your Contact for Your 3-way calls

First you will want to get the bio of your third party person/sponsor. In other words get a written statement of their background and accomplishments from your sponsor or whoever you are using to do the 3-way call. This allows you to properly introduce your sponsor/3rd party individual to your contact/prospect. By the way for review when I say 3rd party person, I am referring to the individual you are introducing to your contact. They become the outside expert in the eyes of your prospect.

I get a file folder in my email program of introductions of different 3rd party individuals that I will be using for 3-way calls in my business. This keeps you organized and in case you need to brush up on their background for your introductions you’ll have it within reach. You can also print out the introduction and their background so you can refer to it when you do your introductions.

Are You Building Relationships, with 3-way Calling in Your Business?

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3-way calling is essential to building relationships. You will frequently here that network marketing or MLM is a relationship business and you know what? It is. However as much as we hear it is a relationship business and even give it lip service I am amazed how many network marketing distributors leave out the essential activities that build relationships.

What Not to Do in Network Marketing, I Laughed so Hard I Cried

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Don’t Do This in Your Network Marketing Business

Some Humor for Your Friday, I Laughed So Hard I Cried

If you have spent any time in network marketing and network marketing training then you probably have run across Todd Falcone.What I love about Todd is he not only an adept network marketer and trainer who teaches the tried and true skill sets of network marketing. He has primarily focused on offline marketing methods however he is becoming a master of how to use the online medium to convey his message and his teaching.

Humor is the Best Teacher

Todd has found his online niche through teaching through humor. He has created his alter ego in ‘Buzzy Boxer’ got to love the name. Buzzy has a good heart and is giving it his all and we all get to benefit from Buzzy’s mis-steps in his network marketing journey.

Todd gives us an inside view through short videos of the assorted antics that Buzzy goes through to get the sale and build his team. Humor is one of the best teachers and Todd does this in spades.

Though a bit over the top you’d be surprised how close Buzzy’s antics are to the truth with many network marketers. It just reminded me of some outrageous stories of my past experiences with even people on my team or those approaching me from other network marketing companies. I will save those stories for another post. This is a perfect example of where real life is stranger than fiction.

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