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If You Haven’t Had Success Yet, How Can You Promise Your Prospects Success?

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By Tim Sales

I received this question from a fellow network marketer named Terry.

“Dear Tim,
I can’t get past the feelings of being a fake when I talk to my prospects, because I haven’t made it in this business yet, and yet I’m telling them I can help them to get what it is they need and want. I really do want to help others succeed, but am not sure that I can actually do so if I haven’t made it there myself. This is causing me to give up on prospects who have a need to make it work and who have a strong goal in focus – because if I say I can help them, but then I or they don’t succeed, I will feel like I’ve sold them a crock. This is really stopping me from getting out there and making this work” – Terry

Your Circle of Success in Network Marketing

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Your Circle of Success in Network Marketing My Mentor in Network Marketing My mentor in network marketing back 27 years ago taught me a system or better yet a  process if you will that has served me very well over the years in network marketing. Knowing and then understanding this process can make all the […]

MLM Success Requires Switching Your Mindset from Employee to Entrepreneur

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Do you feel there has to be a better way but don’t know what it is? It is essential for MLM Success that you shift your mindset from employee to entrepreneur. I see so many individuals joining the ranks of network marketing companies and they simply transfer their employee thinking to their new venture. I […]

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