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Net Neutrality, Open Internet for Everyone Part II

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After I submitted my first article and video on Net Neutrality I realized that there are still way too many people who don’t understand what Net Neutrality means. I even know some ultra conservatives that believe that Net Neutrality is a Marxist plot. If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny. Have people lost their minds.

The term Net Neutrality was coined by an Intellectual but it has done nothing to further the cause of an open internet for all our citizens. Many people on first glance have no idea why they should care about Net Neutrality. In this day in age of fast a paced information saturated society, it is no wonder the real message has gotten lost.

Net Neutrality means to keep our internet a public channel for all of us to enjoy, both as consumer and business owner. Since its inception he internet has been apart of the public domain. The message of net neutrality is to keep the internet’s status as an public channel.

What does this mean, you ask?

By keeping the internet open then we all have equal access to all the information on the internet and as a marketer we all have a level playing field in terms of getting found on the internet.

Net Neutrality Means Keeping the Internet Free for Everyone

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If you use the internet, you must be you’re reading this post, you do business on the internet or both you need to make your voice heard right now. There is a struggle in Congress in regards to net neutrality which means keeping the internet free for you and me and all citizens.

Why should you care? Imagine for a moment that the internet over the next few years becomes controlled by a few large companies who also happen to control the infrastructure of the internet and now they control what websites and blogs you can find on the internet. This greatly impacts us as citizens, consumers and middle to small business owners.

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