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Your Daily Mode of Operation Is the Difference Between Success or Failure in MLM

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I am often asked how big of team do I need to be making such and such. How many people do I need to sponsor to get into the big bucks and it all comes down to your daily mode of operation. Way too often I see people come in with a huge wave of activity only to fade off into the sunset never to be seen again.

Consistent Action Over Time Determines MLM Success

Network Marketing like any great business model requires consistent action over time. It is a process not a flash in the pan approach. Your income and how quickly your arrive there all depends on you and your daily mode of operation. Because so many individuals come to network marketing from a world where they have only known how to work for someone else not for themselves. Thus not having someone to tell them what to do each day or moment of the day is a foreign concept to many.

Duplication, What is It and How Do You Create a MLM Team That Duplicates Rapidly?

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You’ll Never Recruit Your Way to the Top of a MLM Company

Recently I heard from a valued colleague that you’ll never recruit your way to the top of a MLM company. There is a misleading information in online marketing that all you need is enough leads, recruit enough people and you’ll end up in MLM heaven. The truth is, this isn’t true. You can throw a lot at a wall to see what sticks and most the time you’ll be extremely disappointed.

Recruiting is Just a Means to Identifying the People Who are Ready Willing and Able Now

Yes, you need to sort, talent scout to discover those who are ready, willing and able however that is where recruiting enough people comes in handy so you teach by example and don’t get into a poverty consciousness in your business building by thinking that if only you recruit enough people, you will be successful.

MLM is a People Development Business

We are in the people business and the people development business. So the balance you have to strike is not recruiting a few who happen not to be ready, willing and able now and try to drag them across the finish line. We know this doesn’t work either. The only purpose of recruiting is to identify 1 to 5 who are ready to hit the ground running.

How to Set Up Successful 3-way Calls, That Get Results in Your MLM Business

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Setting Up Effective 3-way Calls that Get Results

I have been doing a series of posts on the power of 3-way calls in your business, why they are important, how to set up the perfect 3-way call and now we are going to cover how to set up your 3-way calls that render you results in creating massive duplication on your team.

Ahead of Time Get the Bio of the 3rd Party Person Your Are Introducing to Your Contact for Your 3-way calls

First you will want to get the bio of your third party person/sponsor. In other words get a written statement of their background and accomplishments from your sponsor or whoever you are using to do the 3-way call. This allows you to properly introduce your sponsor/3rd party individual to your contact/prospect. By the way for review when I say 3rd party person, I am referring to the individual you are introducing to your contact. They become the outside expert in the eyes of your prospect.

I get a file folder in my email program of introductions of different 3rd party individuals that I will be using for 3-way calls in my business. This keeps you organized and in case you need to brush up on their background for your introductions you’ll have it within reach. You can also print out the introduction and their background so you can refer to it when you do your introductions.

So Much Focus on Marketing, Where’s the Sponsoring, Teaching and Duplication Factor in Your Business?

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Not Only Market, But Sponsor and Train Your Team Marketing is Great But Are You Making Time for Sponsoring, Training and Duplication in Your MLM Business? Marketing is great but how much time are you focusing on sponsoring, teaching and duplication in your business? Ty Tribble inspired me today with his post. Let’s bring the […]

Wow, the Secret of Becoming a Sponsoring Machine is Easier than You Think

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It is funny when we think of leaders and that massively sponsor into their businesses and help others do the same what is their secret formula? It can often seem elusive on how to up your business building game to join those who excel at sponsoring and training however the key tenants are actually easy to apply to your business.

I landed on a great resource this morning, a blog called The Best MLM Resources. It is actually a great place to stop by from time to time to access those resources that will propel and move your MLM business forward and creating MLM success.

Being a MLM sponsoring machine not about being the best closer, using manipulative marketing techniques or working 20 hours a day. What a relief to know you can turn on your sponsoring prowess simply by applying some powerful tenants to your business building practices.

Your Perfect MLM Presentation Template, You Can Can Scale It Up or Down and It Works Everytime

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Your Perfect MLM Presentation One of the Things I Love About Network Marketing Are the Amazing People You Meet and Work With One of the great benefits of network marketing are the amazing people you get to work with. Sometimes you are simply colleagues in the same profession and sometimes you are blessed to be […]

MLM Success Requires Switching Your Mindset from Employee to Entrepreneur

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Do you feel there has to be a better way but don’t know what it is? It is essential for MLM Success that you shift your mindset from employee to entrepreneur. I see so many individuals joining the ranks of network marketing companies and they simply transfer their employee thinking to their new venture. I […]

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