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Online Marketing Without a Detailed Marketing Funnel Is Like Playing Russian Roulette with Your Business

Are You Playing Russian Roulette with Your Online Business?

The Importance of Your Online Marketing Funnel

Successful Online Marketing requires planning. Creating a detailed marketing funnel for your online marketing gives structure to all your online endeavors. We have all heard the phrase that people don’t plan to fail they simply fail to plan. Most of us wouldn’t intend to take a hit or miss attitude with our businesses and this is actually what we are doing when we don’t create a detailed marketing funnel for our online marketing.

Mike Klingler’s Marketing Funnel Mastery Course, the Missing Link in Your Online Marketing

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Mapping out your marketing funnel, allows you to fully explore your strengths, what are your ultimate goals in your marketing and what do you want to offer your target audience? Your marketing funnel starts with your generating traffic, offering a free offer that is so appealing that when people visit your blog or landing page they want to subscribe. It allows you to create a relationship with your list and to start monetizing your online marketing from the very start.

Establishing your marketing funnel also builds your authority as a thought leader and trusted advisor in your area of expertise with your audience. Something I had not fully embraced was the power of offering relevant paid content right after a person enrolls on my mailing list and giving my readers an opportunity of even an up sell to a more comprehensive package.

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