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Your Daily Mode of Operation Is the Difference Between Success or Failure in MLM

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I am often asked how big of team do I need to be making such and such. How many people do I need to sponsor to get into the big bucks and it all comes down to your daily mode of operation. Way too often I see people come in with a huge wave of activity only to fade off into the sunset never to be seen again.

Consistent Action Over Time Determines MLM Success

Network Marketing like any great business model requires consistent action over time. It is a process not a flash in the pan approach. Your income and how quickly your arrive there all depends on you and your daily mode of operation. Because so many individuals come to network marketing from a world where they have only known how to work for someone else not for themselves. Thus not having someone to tell them what to do each day or moment of the day is a foreign concept to many.

Are You the Kind of Network Marketing Leader That Inspires Others to Greatness?

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I have been in network marketing now full time for over 27 years. It has been an extraordinary journey. I have grown up in network marketing, become a better person, experienced my personal power and served others. However, it wasn’t always that way and I had tremendous personal growth to experience to come to this point in time. I had my family of origin issues, neglect, secrets and all the rest. I had to come to a place where forgiveness was my mantra and a complete willingness to let go of what did not serve me from my past. A shedding if you will of my personal story.

I Had to Heal My Past and Let Go of My Story

I have a giving heart however in my network marketing experiences I had not always attracted that support in return. I realized even then and certainly now I was healing my past specifically my family issues. I have recently embarked on something I thought I’d never do which is build another network marketing team from scratch. What is so beautiful this time however I am doing it from a more more awaken state and having done a lot of personal work.

Personal Development Starts with Accountability, What is Accountability and How Can We Cultivate it?

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Personal development as the name implies means to grow as a human being to step into your greater self. A key component to personal development is accountability. Until there is accountability there is no true and lasting opportunity to grow as a person. None of us grow in isolation, we grow by our interactions and our relationships with others. It is our accountability that develops our leadership and gains the trust of others.

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