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Your Blog the Central Hub of All Your Online Marketing

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Your Blog the Central Hub of Your Online Marketing The Blogging Wave is Here Everyone and their mother is getting involved with the wave of interest to stake out your piece of internet real estate. Never has there been a better time to get into blogging. What Part Does Your Blog Play in Your Internet […]

In Your Online Marketing, Are You Picking Up the Phone?

Are you hiding behind your computer in your online marketing efforts? Taking online relationships offline will breathe life into your internet network marketing business. If you entered the online world to build your network marketing business with the hidden desire that you would have a business that goes on auto-pilot and you don’t need to connect or communicate with people then I am afraid you are in for some real disappointment.

Are You Too Busy to Connect?

Or are you just so busy learning internet marketing for your network marketing business that you are not allowing time in your day to call people, connect with your distributors and do 3-way calls? The rubber meets the road in the our connections with others. If you want to create long term residual income in your network marketing business, create and maintain fabulous relationships.

Don’t Let the Internet Obscure Doing What is Important in Your MLM Business

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Where is your focus in your Internet Network Marketing Business?

Using the internet to market ourselves and our network marketing businesses can lead to a loss of focus. Are we focusing on the right things when it comes to building our network marketing business?

Discovered a Gem of a MLM Blogger

I discovered another intelligent and thoughtful MLM Blogger Marcus Baker. He has a stiller MLM Blog.

Marcus poses a very interesting question that illuminates the importance of your focus in creating network marketing business utilizing online marketing methods.

Marketing Funnel Mastery, the Power of Live Events

Having just attended Marketing Funnel Mastery inspired me to write about the power of live events. I saw this picture up on Facebook and you quickly discover the power of live events. A picture is worth a thousand words. You can feel the energy from this picture and the fun we were having. Most important is the individuals I was connecting with online, I was now able to develop deeper connections with in person at a live event. Whether it is to support each other, eventually enter into joint ventures and in some cases do business together. It is all possible when we connect the dots and take our online connecting offline.

Avoiding Launch Overwhelm, What You Can Do Now

Never before has there been so much good content being produced for internet marketing applicable to any business model including network marketing. As a result of the maturing of the internet and the profession of network marketing there is a cornucopia of fabulous information/education launches happening right now.

If you are just getting starting or even a seasoned professional how do you keep from getting into information overload or what I call Launch Overwhelm? It goes back to the well recited phrase, ‘Most people don’t plan to fail they simply fail to plan.’ You must create your own master game plan.

Mastering Social Media One Bite At a Time

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his post is very pertinent to my own journey. It is easy to get distracted and running into too many different directions when setting up your points of contact on the web for your internet marketing. I have 2 youtube channels, my husband has a youtube channel for his new business, I have two blogs, my facebook and my twitter account. I have a dozen or so articles I have written thus far. My plan is to connect all these points and use my youtube channels and articles in part to drive traffic to my blog. As a Master Plan it has a lot of merit however there is something to be said for focusing your efforts.

In looking back at my internet marketing experience thus far I can see another approach that I believe deserves consideration. Pick one social media platform and master it. Once mastered pick another medium and master that as well. In other words build each piece of your network on the web one social medium at a time. I have been on Facebook for two years but only recently am I fully realizing the potential of Facebook.

Facebook Fan Pages Can Turbo Charge Your List Building

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Facebook is an phenomenon in the way that people now interrelate on the internet. 300 Million users and growing now on Facebook. 2.0 marketing understands that now those who are being marketed to are determining how they want to receive their information. One of the reasons that Social Media has caught the imagination of the public is because it allows for a two way conversation, in fact it allows for conversations between any number of people who choose to engage on any particular topic.

The last 10 years has seen a huge push when it comes to internet marketing of the importance of creating your ever important email list. Ideally you want to create a targeted list of people who are interested in the topics and products you offer. Until social media came of age, the lists being built were mostly what I call static lists. Yes, when done properly the individuals on the list were highly interested in your offerings. Forums have always had the power of being interactive and community building vehicles. Offering comment boxes on your blog would give the individuals visiting your blog an opportunity to give feedback, ideas and insights but does not give your visitors an opportunity to interact with other visitors.

Putting the Marketing Back Into Your Network Marketing Business

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Have we been asleep for the last 50 years? Why is it that for the last half century we have limited our marketing efforts in network marketing to warm market, making our list, signs on telephone polls, leaving cards on bulletin boards and all over God’s creation. Yes, there have been the brave souls who […]

Attracting Your Target Audience for Your Network Marketing Business

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When asking someone who is building a network marketing business who their target market is, you will often hear “Everyone”. I know in our own minds when we believe in our products and opportunity, we truly believe that our market/audience is everyone. However, when you target everyone, very few people can find you. Narrowing your […]

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