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Are You the Kind of Network Marketing Leader That Inspires Others to Greatness?

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I have been in network marketing now full time for over 27 years. It has been an extraordinary journey. I have grown up in network marketing, become a better person, experienced my personal power and served others. However, it wasn’t always that way and I had tremendous personal growth to experience to come to this point in time. I had my family of origin issues, neglect, secrets and all the rest. I had to come to a place where forgiveness was my mantra and a complete willingness to let go of what did not serve me from my past. A shedding if you will of my personal story.

I Had to Heal My Past and Let Go of My Story

I have a giving heart however in my network marketing experiences I had not always attracted that support in return. I realized even then and certainly now I was healing my past specifically my family issues. I have recently embarked on something I thought I’d never do which is build another network marketing team from scratch. What is so beautiful this time however I am doing it from a more more awaken state and having done a lot of personal work.

Duplication, What is It and How Do You Create a MLM Team That Duplicates Rapidly?

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You’ll Never Recruit Your Way to the Top of a MLM Company

Recently I heard from a valued colleague that you’ll never recruit your way to the top of a MLM company. There is a misleading information in online marketing that all you need is enough leads, recruit enough people and you’ll end up in MLM heaven. The truth is, this isn’t true. You can throw a lot at a wall to see what sticks and most the time you’ll be extremely disappointed.

Recruiting is Just a Means to Identifying the People Who are Ready Willing and Able Now

Yes, you need to sort, talent scout to discover those who are ready, willing and able however that is where recruiting enough people comes in handy so you teach by example and don’t get into a poverty consciousness in your business building by thinking that if only you recruit enough people, you will be successful.

MLM is a People Development Business

We are in the people business and the people development business. So the balance you have to strike is not recruiting a few who happen not to be ready, willing and able now and try to drag them across the finish line. We know this doesn’t work either. The only purpose of recruiting is to identify 1 to 5 who are ready to hit the ground running.

So Much Focus on Marketing, Where’s the Sponsoring, Teaching and Duplication Factor in Your Business?

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Not Only Market, But Sponsor and Train Your Team Marketing is Great But Are You Making Time for Sponsoring, Training and Duplication in Your MLM Business? Marketing is great but how much time are you focusing on sponsoring, teaching and duplication in your business? Ty Tribble inspired me today with his post. Let’s bring the […]

Your Perfect MLM Presentation Template, You Can Can Scale It Up or Down and It Works Everytime

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Your Perfect MLM Presentation One of the Things I Love About Network Marketing Are the Amazing People You Meet and Work With One of the great benefits of network marketing are the amazing people you get to work with. Sometimes you are simply colleagues in the same profession and sometimes you are blessed to be […]

Branded Internet Marketing Systems, Why I said, No

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On the surface branded online marketing systems look fabulous. The success of network marketing is based on simple systems that allow people to duplicate quickly to build long term residual income. When I first looked at the branded online marketing systems I was intrigued and very interested in test driving one of these systems.

I enrolled onto several people’s mailing lists with one of the most popular systems and discovered I as started receiving peoples auto responder emails and checking out landing pages, videos etc. that they all looked the same and what was apparent up front was the majority of the marketing was about the system and why you needed it.

I’m not saying the system had no merit however the longer I checked it out the less enamored I was with their branded system.

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