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My 30 Day Blogging Challenge Experience

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I felt is appropriate and timely to share my 30 Day Blogging Challenge experience. We are down to the last two days of the month of August and what an experience it has been! Life changing actually on many levels. I couldn’t help but think of it as running a race where the crowds are cheering us on. I can actually see and here the crowds now.

Blogging Everyday 5 Days a Week Has Been a Push

Blogging everyday 5 days a week has been a push for me. I’d find myself writing my posts early in the morning to leave the majority of my day for the other tasks that need to be done in my business. There were times that I was bone tired having suffered both adrenal and thyroid exhaustion so finding the right balance can be tricky.

I Created the 30 Day Blogging Challenge for Encouragement

I created the 30 Day Blogging challenge as a way to encourage myself and others to stay the course. Maybe for some blogging everyday comes naturally however I found for me, I felt just a bit out of balance with the continued push to create great content without overwhelming myself. I am so glad I did the challenge because it did get easier to write and come up with good content and stay consistent. Sometimes pushing can be a good thing. I almost saw this as sprint for the month of August.

Your Blog the Central Hub of All Your Online Marketing

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Your Blog the Central Hub of Your Online Marketing The Blogging Wave is Here Everyone and their mother is getting involved with the wave of interest to stake out your piece of internet real estate. Never has there been a better time to get into blogging. What Part Does Your Blog Play in Your Internet […]

Another Blogger’s Inspiration to Take on the ProBlogger 7 Link Challenge

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Woke up early this morning and of course I ended up on my laptop blog walking. I became inspired by Terry Tiessen taking on Darren Rowse’s Seven Link Challenge. First I want to commend Terry for her passion and commitment to take on the Seven Link Challenge, Terry is a fairly new MLM blogger and she is jumping in with both feet. What respect and admiration I have for her.

Perhaps because I have only been blogging for a year and half I can identify with Terry’s passion and desire to let no moss grow under her feet when it comes to upping her blogging game. It takes courage and a sense of adventure and introspection to be willing to take on the challenge of our more seasoned colleagues like Darren Rowse.

Putting the Marketing Back Into Your Network Marketing Business

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Have we been asleep for the last 50 years? Why is it that for the last half century we have limited our marketing efforts in network marketing to warm market, making our list, signs on telephone polls, leaving cards on bulletin boards and all over God’s creation. Yes, there have been the brave souls who […]

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