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Inbound Marketing, Building Organically Creates an Enduring Asset for Your Business

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I don’t about you but I can be a bit impatient at times with my marketing. Sometimes I want to have built huge exposure overnight and a huge following but like the tortoise and the hare story, the tortoise approach to your marketing has a huge payoff. It is easy to be tempted to throw money at your marketing to hurry it along and yet in the long run content is king on the web. Organic marketing builds your marketing on a solid and enduring foundation.

My definition of organic marketing versus traditional outbound marketing is that you are relying on good content and utilizing social media to get your message out to the market place by offering tremendous value to your readers. Traditionally marketing was ruled by those who had the biggest wallets and the ability to get their messages out to the market place over and over again. It relied on a one directional approach where organic marketing is dynamic and is multi-directional and when done properly invites the participation of all.

Putting the Marketing Back Into Your Network Marketing Business

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Have we been asleep for the last 50 years? Why is it that for the last half century we have limited our marketing efforts in network marketing to warm market, making our list, signs on telephone polls, leaving cards on bulletin boards and all over God’s creation. Yes, there have been the brave souls who […]

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