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Are You the Kind of Network Marketing Leader That Inspires Others to Greatness?

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Are You the Nework Marketing Leader that Inspires Others to Greatness?

What Does It Takes to Be a Network Marketing Leader that Inspires Leadership in Others?

I have been in network marketing now full time for over 27 years. It has been an extraordinary journey. I have grown up in network marketing, become a better person, experienced my personal power and served others. However, it wasn’t always that way and I had tremendous personal growth to experience to come to this point in time. I had my family of origin issues, neglect, secrets and all the rest. I had to come to a place where forgiveness was my mantra and a complete willingness to let go of what did not serve me from my past. A shedding if you will of my personal story.

I Had to Heal My Past and Let Go of My Story

I have a giving heart however in my network marketing experiences I had not always attracted that support in return. I realized even then and certainly now I was healing my past specifically my family issues. I have recently embarked on something I thought I’d never do which is build another network marketing team from scratch. What is so beautiful this time however I am doing it from a more more awaken state and having done a lot of personal work.

Being a Great Network Marketing Leader Means To Not Only Be a Great Giver But a Great Receiver

I have learned being a great leader is not only being a great giver but being a great receiver. As a result I have attracted support like I have never experienced in my 27 years of building network marketing organizations. Never does a day go by that I am not awed and enliven by what I’m experiencing in the overflowing support I’m receiving and giving back to my growing team and upline support team.

Play Full Out Like Your Life Depended on It and the Lives of Your Team Members

Are You Watching Your Team Members Backs?

I have always had this vision that creating a great team is similar to having a great team on a river rafting trip when you are paddling through 4 and 5 difficulty rapids. We all know that river rafting at this level can be dangerous and potentially deadly. So it is all important that you surround yourself with a team where each person is watching each others back and is lead by a skillful guide.

To Be a Great Network Marketing Leader You Must Learn to Follow and To Lead

When building a dynamically growing network marketing team the same attributes apply. Actually our lives do depend on how well we operate as a team and everyone must learn how to follow and to lead. The quality of your life and the lives of those you work with will depend on playing full out.

Have Fun, Play Full Out and Meet People Where They Are

Before I go any further I want to say building a network marketing team is all about having fun, playing full out and meeting people where they are. I always say if you keep showing up the cream of your organization will show up and it is with those who raise their hands that you link arms with and hit the ground running.

Are You Willing to Play Full Out?

Are you willing to play full out, go the extra mile and be the kind of Leader that inspires greatness in others? So what is the process of creating a team of Leaders.

Identify Your A Players on Your Network Marketing Team

Identify your A players. These individuals will get on your conference calls, reach out to you, put you in front of their decision making people. They are willing to be coached and are ready, willing and able now. You will be sponsoring and talent scouting through those you personally sponsor and down into your organization.

Diamonds Are Often Found in the Depth of Your Network Marketing Team

Work the depth of your team as it develops, some of your best people will be found in the depths of your growing organization/team. This is why I say the cream rises to the top but it is important that you are proactive which means to be looking for those bright lights on your team when they make themselves known through their actions.

Identify 4-5 Team Members to Link Arms

As you identify 4-5 of these Leaders in the making then link arms with these individuals. Even the military states you can only effectively manage up to 5 people at a time.  You want to connect them with 3-5 upline team leaders so they have their resource team in place for 3-way calls  and team building support. What I will do when I identify an individual who is on fire, I make 3-way call introductions to their upline leadership. These introductions are critical to building both relationships with those in your prosperity pipeline as well as your current associates. You want to give your Leaders in the making every opportunity for success so introduce them to their upline support team.

Plug Your People Into a Simple Network Marketing Training

This is one of the most important things you will do with those who identify themselves as ready, willing and able now. The next step is to plugged them into the training. The training needs to be only what they need to know now, not overwhelming and only what will be effective to allow them to hit the ground running.

Get Your Network Marketing Team Members Paid Now

Get them paid as soon as possible. If possible within their first couple of days in the business or whenever you discover them on your team. Nothing like earning a bonus check for lighting a fire under their desire to transform their lives. Our company has gone to Instant Pay. I have seen first hand how quickly this takes your associates to the next level in their business development. They are over joyed with excitement and motivated to stay the course.

Taking the Extra Time on the Front End Pays Off Huge Dividends

Help them do the same with their enrollments. Teach them to provide this same level of support with their team members. Taking the extra time with those who show they are ready will pay off huge dividends in the long term for both you and your emerging leaders. Plus they then to teach their people to do the same.

Teaching and Training Must Duplicate Four Generations in Depth for True Duplication

Work through their contacts four generations deep or greater this simple process. You do not have true duplication until you have four generations of teaching and duplicating occurring. This means long term residual income for everyone.

Are You Watching the Backs of Your Network Marketing Team Players?

Are you watching the backs of your team players? How much are you willing to give? Are you providing 3-way calling support for your team members, which is absolutely essential to the success of your team. Are you getting your emerging leaders plugged into their 3-way support team, calls and training?

Team Work Makes The Dream Work

Everyone who plays team sports knows how important team work is to the success of any game. Networking is no different. I always say that being a great network marketer is like being a great host of a party. Your job is to connect the right people to each other. This means you connect people on your team you know will relate and give your team members an array of 3-way support between men and women that will be the perfect match for their prospects.

Keep It Fun, Inspire and Get Your People Paid

Keep it fun! This is one of the most important attributes to building an amazing team. No one wants another job and people are overjoyed if they know they are going to be apart of something fun, exciting, bigger than themselves alone and get paid while doing it.

Are You Dependable, Do You Inspire Others to Greatness Through Your Actions?

Do You Bring Heart to Your Network Marketing Business?

Are you the kind of team player that people can depend on? Do you have the heart to inspire others to greatness. Are you willing to show up, even when you don’t feel like it? Do you acknowledge others? Do you keep it fun.  When you put this kind of energy out, show up and serve others, you’ll have people flocking to be apart of your team.

Our Support Has Allowed Us to Grow Quickly

I can’t help but think why I have one of the fastest growing teams is because we have Leaders who inspire others to Greatness. I am grateful I have attracted such amazing support and such an amazing team of leaders to link arms with to serve and grow ourselves to new heights.

Share Your Insights.

I would love to hear your comments. Does this ring true for you? What has been your experience in building a team of leaders?

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7 Responses to “Are You the Kind of Network Marketing Leader That Inspires Others to Greatness?”
  1. Great! Your post is an excellent example of the reason why I preserve comming back to study your superior quality content which is forever up to date

  2. Scott Rago says:

    - Eldridge
    “There’s a shift going on in the world, and a shared energy of collaboration and cooperation with some compassion.” Couldn’t have put it better myself!

  3. Network marketing is a very good filed to choose and work with but its not that easy to maintain the way as it is seen, the people who have been in this filed since long time or have grown in this field only can inspire the others. And thats very well said here.

  4. Hey Faith,

    I believe more network marketers need to become “Conscious” as they build their teams during these times. There’s a shift going on in the world, and a shared energy of collaboration and cooperation with some compassion is what will make an attrative leader of us if we truly honor these values. Thank you Faith for bringing this up

  5. Kary Rogney says:

    You walk the walk, Faith. I’m truly blessed to be working
    with a great leader like yourself…

    Here’s to a fantastic run!


  6. faithbarnard says:

    Dimple, it is such a pleasure and honor to be working with you as well. We are on quite a journey together. Helping people from around the globe. Gives me goose bumps just thinking about it. Thank you for coming by the blog. I look forward to coming by your blog in the not distant future.

  7. Dimple Arora says:

    Faith, thank you for sharing these insights! Choosing to be a network marketer will definitely inspire personal growth and healing for most…there are so many facets to the business that play a part in developing a person holistically. You are right…to be successful, people should focus on being able to give and receive wholeheartedly and be open to new relationships and team work. I am honoured to be on your team and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you offer!

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