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Meditation is Easier Than You May Think

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Meditation is Easier Than You May Think

I think one of the biggest mindsets that gets in the way of a regular meditation practice is the thought I don’t know how to do this, or what if I don’t do this right? Meditation is actually easier than you think. Below I am going to include the necessary guidelines for a successful meditation.

Some Myths of What It Takes to Successfully Meditate

Before I cover how simple it really is to meditate successfully, I’d like to point out some myths.

Must be in an Yogic Posture to Successfully Meditate.

Must Know Mantras to successfully mediate.

You Must Meditate for Hours Per Day

You Must Know Exoctic Breathing Exercises

Must Have A Special Chair For Meditation

Must Have a Guru You Are Working With to Successfully Meditate

Meditation is Hard Work

The Good News Meditation Can Be Easy To Do and Maintain

The good news is successful meditation is much easier than you think. Anyone can meditate. As children we would naturally meditate as we day dream or get quiet and listen, our ability to naturally meditate gets programmed out of us as we grow into adults.

The good news is that tuning in and meditating on a daily basis is easy to regain.

All You Need to Meditate Successfully

Starts with a Decision

It all starts with your desire and willingness and a decision you make to meditate each day.

Only 10 Minutes Twice Per Day

You only need 10 minutes twice per day for effective meditation.

Quiet Place

A quiet place and a comfortable chair for your back. Once you get good at meditating you will be able to do it anywhere and even standing.

Easy Breath Work

Your breath work is easy, simply breath deeply through your nose and breath out through your mouth. Just do 10 of these breaths and see the difference in how you feel. Notice the energy moving in your body and how this simple breathing exercise calms your mind.

Give Yourself Instruction to Still Your Mind

How to still the mind, give it some instruction. Tell yourself that all your random thoughts will be put on a train going by you. Every time you catch yourself caught up in thought simply put your thoughts on that train.


Give your self instruction and visualize this simple process. See the light of god coming in through your crown, flowing through your head and neck, down your arms and through your hands and fingers. Also imagine this light moving through your neck and chest moving down through your abdomen, right down your legs and feet. Then imagine this light anchoring you to the center of the earth.

Now repeat this process with pure crystalline light coming through your crown and moving throughout your body. Feel and allow this to take place throughout your whole being.

Let God/Higher Power Know

Ask God to bring the truth and the light through you. That whatever is not of the light leave you with grace and ease. You can say I am the light and the light is me. I like to say thank you and I love you. These phrases help clear any energy patterns not of the light within you. You can honor whatever your spiritual beliefs are here. Put this in a context that will work for you.

Create Sacred Space Within You

Create a sacred place in your mind. This is a place will you can totally relaxed and relish the experience. Listen and be still. Feelings and insights may come to you and have a journal nearby so you can right them down.

Let Go of Your Expectations

Remember each meditation experience may be different so understand this and do your best not to have a preset idea or conditions on what your experience should be like.

Be Consistent in Your Daily Practice

Be consistent by meditating twice per day for 10 minutes at a time. Your consistency will pay off huge dividends in your life.

Now it’s Your Turn

How has meditation impacted your life. Do you have a regular practice right now? Do you notice a difference in your life when you are meditating versus when you are not? Love to hear your stories and your comments.

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10 Responses to “Meditation is Easier Than You May Think”
  1. Genuinely when someone doesn’t know then its up to other users that they will help, so here it happens.

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    Whether you are a skilled professional or possibly a novice traveler, the following tips certainly are a partnership
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  3. Hi faithbarnard,

    I think meditation is very important, especially if your work keeps you away from nature. While doing Internet marketing I have to spend a lot of time in front of back lit monitors, and I feel that cold light and electronic devices somehow drain my energy.

    Meditation is not something I’ve done in a very long time, although even after nearly ten years since being given a mantra from Amma, I still do use it during my regular daily activities, like cleaning, cooking, and whenever I don’t actually need to be *using* my mind. I guess that is also a meditation of sorts too.

    Thanks for the lovely post.



  4. Yes, meditation isn’t hard. Its all about keeping the mind clear and focused. To really see meditation work, you need to do these exercises for about 1 to 2 months.

  5. faithbarnard says:

    When I found the flyer on the bulletin board I was magnetized to it. When I started attending our meditation classes and learned Missy only expected us to meditate 10 minutes a day twice a day, it all felt so doable and it is. Even just taking a minute here and there can and does make a huge difference.

  6. This is an important thing for everyone to do, not least of all, l internet marketers.

    I particularly like the structured time, 10 minutes a day twice a day. Easy enough, but something we need to do consistently. Like so many other things in our business pursuits, consistency is really the key.

    Thanks for your guidance here, Faith.

  7. faithbarnard says:

    Thank you Christopher. Yes, resting our minds is like taking a vacation. Truly what we focus on brings it into our reality. It is great to have people like yourself living from this place of truth.


  8. Great advice Faith… anytime we still our minds and focus for even a few seconds… that laser focus is brings about a meditative state. Whatever we focus on… we bring into our reality.

  9. faithbarnard says:

    Yes, there are so many ways to meditate. I like the visual of a old cow chewing it’s cud. That will stick with me. You have a talent for creating great word pictures. A gift you have. Thank you Nelson!

  10. Nelson says:

    Hi Faith. I believe in and practice Meditation but not in Yoga style. I have learned over the years that for me to meditate it is done best by reading the Psalms slowly ruminating and regurgitating them. Like an old cow chewing its’ cud. I find it brings to my mind things that will move me forward as man and human. Just me and besides my legs and back don’t hold up to well under certain positions. But as for the premise of your post, yes Mediation is a must.

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