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Your Blog the Central Hub of All Your Online Marketing

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Your Blog the Central Hub of Your Online Marketing

The Blogging Wave is Here

Everyone and their mother is getting involved with the wave of interest to stake out your piece of internet real estate. Never has there been a better time to get into blogging.

What Part Does Your Blog Play in Your Internet Marketing?

Think of your online marketing as a wagon wheel with your blog as the  hub and spokes branching out from your blog. Your website can have a blog capability. Think of your blog like an online journal. What makes blogs so popular is that your regular postings make them alive and vibrant and blogs are loved by the search engines.

Your blog is your central hub and the spokes represent all the different paths that traffic can travel to find your blog. These spokes of the wheel are two way streets. Traffic should be able to flow from your blog to your Facebook fan page and from your Facebook Fan page people should be able to access your blog.

A Diagram of Your Online Marketing with Your Blog As the Central Hub

In the diagram below shows your website as your central hub. Think of your website and blog as apart of the same structure. The key is to get an idea of how your online marketing structure may look. The diagram below shows both paid and content marketing which is driving traffic back to your website/blog.

Your Website Blog As Your Central Hub of Your Online Marketing

I like to think of my blog is the living room of my home. It truly is your home base online. The proper function is to connect and build relationships through your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. Your hub is will further develop those relationships.

It is on your blog that you will be able to further bond with your audience, build your list, monetize your marketing and attract business partners.

Creating a Great Living Room To Invite Guests to Visit Your Blog Your Central Hub Online

My Recommend Blogging Platform is WordPress

Ty Tribble number one MLM Blogger states that 70% of the top Business Bloggers are WordPress blogs. Why WordPress? It is easy to use and there are thousands of plugins for WordPress, many of them for free to customize and optimize your blog for social media integration.

Get  a Great Theme for Your WordPress Blog

Your theme and look of your blog should not distract from your number one aim in your blogging if you are blogging to build your business. Your number one goal in your blogging should be to build your list. Pick a theme that has the functionality you want without being overwhelming to the eye.

The Header for Your Blog Should Personally Brand You

When I set up my New Future Of Network Marketing Blog I was thinking of branding for an upcoming book I’m writing by the same name. I do include my name in the branding of my header.

I will be coming out with a personally branded blog under my name. This is where I can further develop my personal brand.

If you are just starting out I recommend you start your blog under your name and personally brand it from the beginning. This way your personally branded blog can be the umbrella of all your marketing.

Take Professionally Done Pictures of You

Get your pictures done professionally so you can optimize your personal branding and include your picture in the header of your blog.

Building Your List

Create a Welcome Video and Offer on Your Blog

Shoot a video where you share your story and make an offer for some great content your readers can access by subscribing. This content can be someone else’s but make sure you are developing your own products that you can offer as you develop your online marketing funnel.

Create An Eye Catching Subscription Box

Create an eye catching subscription box on your blog and use arrows that increase your opt ins to your list. Remember your blogging should be a profitable and money making by capitalizing on your passions and offering value to your readers.

Making Your Blog Social

Remember to use the necessary plugins that allow your readers to syndicate your content on their favorite social networks. Sharing is Sexy is but one of many plugins for WordPress which allow for easy social media syndication.

Facebook Fan Page Badge On Your Blog

You can get the code for your Facebook Fan Page and add it to your side bar of your WordPress Blog. You want people who find you on Facebook to easily find the link to your blog and when people land on your blog it needs to be easy for them to join your Facebook Fan Page.

This is the two way flow of traffic on the spokes of he wheel to your blog. Traffic should be able to easily flow from your social networks to your blog and in the other direction.

Monetize Your Blog with Your Pages

Your pages like your featured or resources page and your about me page and others should further help you monetize your marketing.

Featured and/or Resources Page

This is will you recommend your favorite marketing tools and training. Most if not all have affiliate programs that will allow you to monetize your online marketing.

Your About You Page

Your about you page is one of the most important pages on your blog. Take time with this page and write your story in detail. This is where your readers can get to know you. The first paragraph of your about me page should talk about how your blog will benefit your readers. The second paragraph should share your story and share a low point that is relevant to your niche of your blog and then share how you overcame your challenge.

Make It Personal and Include Your Call to Action

Use pictures on your about me page and video to personalize your page. End with all call to action to join your newsletter and obtain your free offer.

Testimonials Are Key for Social Proof

Obtain testimonials both written and/or video from business associates and clients. There is nothing greater than the testimonials from others to validate your worth.

Optimize Your Blog for SEO

Blogs are naturally optimized for search engine optimization however the all in one seo plugin can further optimize your post with a place for key words and optimizing your title and summaries for the search engines.

Categories on Your Blog

Your categories will be how you organized your posts. Pick 5-6 categories that cover your niche and will make it easy for your readers to find the content they are desiring to get their hands on. My main categories cover, network marketing, social media, personal development, internet marketing, video marketing etc.

Creating a Great Home Base for Your Business

Your blog creates your home base of your online marketing. You grow your relationships, develop an ever growing list, share your passions, offer value and ultimately grow your business.

My Video Highlights of How Your Blog is Your Central Hub of Your Online Marketing


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17 Responses to “Your Blog the Central Hub of All Your Online Marketing”
  1. Thanks for finally talking about >Your Blog the Central Hub of All Your
    Online Marketing | The New Future of Network Marketing <Loved it!

  2. Kevin says:

    Great information on using blogs for MLM marketing and gathering MLM leads. I also liked your information on using a video.

    Going to use some of these tools on my website.

  3. This topic is enjoyable to read the article information, that was presented from another angle adding too much to the topic.

  4. Susan says:

    I’ve been blogging for 3 years now and I didn’t think that I could do it this way. Your tips are valuable information and I’m thankful that I was able to read this post. I’ll try to implement them as soon as I can.

  5. I think blogging is a vital part of the internet and without it there would be a lot less usefull info out there.

    On the other hand though there are a lot of crappy blogs out there too that provide no usefull info. But to each his own I guess.

    Lol, even my grandma wanted help a few weeks ago to set up a blog. Can you believe it!

  6. jerry dodson says:

    Faith, you made a plan to follow on how to do blogging. This is a very resourceful post to all who do blogging. You’ve done a great information and presentation on online marketing.

  7. i think blogging is essential for SEO.Google definitely loves blogs, especially when there’s fresh content posted.Thanks for the excellent article.

  8. Well thanks for this wonderful article. i really like it. as many new things come which provides a great knowledge. i am doing blogging form last two year.

  9. This blog has provide a valuable resource of how to blogging. Since one year I’m doing blogging but if I haven’t got this tips earlier. A heart fully Thanks for provide this blogging tips.

  10. faithbarnard says:

    True Mari-Lyn. People want to know who you are and of course any of us are bigger than our environment. Thanks for being such a beautiful voice in the internet.

  11. Mari-Lyn says:

    Faith great post..the more that people know this and write up a strategy in how they can reach their audience through the various tools/spokes that you are suggesting people do the better for everyone.

    I like the header to represent you..I just changed mine yesterday. Yes, I live in Sedona, however it really doesn’t tell anyone about who I am.

    Have a wonderful evening.

  12. faithbarnard says:

    Ryan, thanks for coming by my pad. It is great having a home base online to invite people to. I love your online presence and look forward to exchanging information and most important creating a new friendship. Thanks for all the great work you are doing.

  13. faithbarnard says:

    Hello Glyna,
    Thank you for stopping by. I find it helpful to give myself detailed plan to follow. I find so much great content out on the web and sometimes you just want a complete guide of what to do from A to Z. Always a work in progress and the more great content we are all providing allows us to give this legacy and inheritance to those who come after us.

  14. Ryan Yokome says:

    Faith, you’ve got one rockin’ site!! I love it! Just had to say that :)

    Yes, our central hubs (or Nerve centers) are so critical. You’ve done a great job on information and presentation.

    I will be coming back for more!

  15. Glyna Humm says:

    Faith – wow this is a complete guide for any blogger to follow. It is so important to use your blog as a central hub to drive the traffic back to. I think you covered all the bases here! Thanks for sharing such great info!

  16. faithbarnard says:

    Nelson, thank you for your vote of confidence. I am an organized kind of gal with a playful side. I want to give what I so needed when I first started out plus we are always a work in progress. The learning never stops. Love this admiration society. I look forward to your upcoming post. You do great stuff. You really do need to write a book. I know you have it in you.

  17. Nelson says:

    Faith, I like you. Everything I see here reveals a well thought out game plan. It is no wonder you are so successful. I just hope I have enough years left to get where you are today. Great stuff. Thanks

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