Monday, April 21, 2014

The Power of Online Connections When You Take Them Offline, Meeting Kary Rogney in Person

Kary Rogney & Faith BarnardTaking our online line connections offline is one of the most powerful things we can do with our online marketing and most important in building lasting relationships. What is the purpose of online marketing? For some is to sell products, affiliate programs, building our network marketing businesses however at the end of the day the lasting opportunities are the relationships we build, the relationship we create over time.

I had the pleasure to meet Kary Rogney, an extraordinary blogger, social media and internet marketer. Kary is so much more than all that. He is intelligent, intuitive and sensitive. In his offline world he is a passionate first grade teacher, fabulous husband and dad to two beautiful sons. His wife Kellie is vibrant, intelligent soul and they are perfect together. Kellie is passionate about home schooling, nutrition and family and together they are providing their  two boys a fabulous foundation to launch their lives.

If Kary and I had only kept our relationship online, I would have missed all this and more and simply by calling Kary and spending time on skype we took our relationship to a whole new level. In fact if I had not called Kary, we wouldn’t have met in person as we did last week.

I am blessed to have Kary as a friend and mentor and grateful I first became aware of Kary via The Unified Tribe. Below is our conversation of online marketing, the fun and amazement of connecting initially online with people whom otherwise we may not have ever met. Online marketing gives you the opportunity to have a huge audience and sphere of influence.

I believe online marketing and connecting and embracing the power of the tribe in the spirit of cooperation and collaboration lifts all of us up. We are creating a new paradigm in business. More fun, passion and connection than we ever thought possible.

View and listen in as we discuss all this and more. Please leave your comments below. Let’s keep this conversation going, the power of taking our online connections offline. Let me know of your new relationships that started online and how connecting offline took those relationships to a whole new level.

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16 Responses to “The Power of Online Connections When You Take Them Offline, Meeting Kary Rogney in Person”
  1. Connell says:

    Hi. I wanted to drop you a simple note expressing my thanks. I’ve been following website for a month or so and get found a bunch of good information together with loved the way you’ve structured your web blog. I am wanting to operate my personal weblog nevertheless i consider its way too general and I need to focus on scaled-down themes.

  2. i was home schooled too but i would still prefer regular schools.””.

  3. faithbarnard says:

    Hi Connie, It was fairly spontaneous and we had a blast. It started with a much longer conversation with Kary and his wife Kellie. We had so much in common and what fun to truly know how connected we all are no matter where we may live.

  4. faithbarnard says:

    Kary, I am grateful for our meeting and know deep down it was destined. Everything happens for a reason and the best is yet to come. Your wife, Kellie is off the charts incredible. I felt really understood and seen by her. My personal health challenges have at times taken their toll and she knew exactly what to say and did so with such compassion.

  5. faithbarnard says:

    You definitely have permission to shake my hand in fact I’ll give you a hug, of course with your permission. It is all about the connecting. When we pass from this life it will be the relationships that we remember in the deep recesses of our minds. Look forward to our future meeting.


  6. faithbarnard says:

    Thank you Lisa. It was fairly spontaneous and a whole lot of fun. I fill in love with Kary and his wife Kellie. We had so much in common. It was like one of those destiny things. You are also a great contributor to the tribe. I am so blessed to be meeting and connecting with you all. I sound a bit southern now that we moved from Seattle to Sedona AZ.

  7. faithbarnard says:

    Thank you it was pretty spontaneous and of course fun. I love Kary and Kellie his wife. It just worked out for us to see each other when we were in Oregon. I’m going to check out your post on Mark Hoverson. Sounds amazing!

  8. i was also home schooled when i was younger and it is also a great weay to get your education.*::

  9. Venus :) says:


    what an awesome experience you had.
    I am glad you keep us posted and inspire us to meet people face to face.

    Venus :)

  10. Faith, What a wonderful interview. And you call yourself a newbie? tee hee
    You just jumped into this tribe and grew in leaps and bounds. You are truly an Action oriented woman. I so happy we are in the same tribe. Although it only has been a short time, I’ve learned so much from you. I’m honored to tribe with you.

    This interview was Awesome. Taking things off line is wonderful. I have not done it yet because of my geographical location. There is one person I have been trying to connect with, but our calendars are always in conflict. We do have a tentative date. I’ll keep you posted on that one.

    I agree that being in our tribe has grown my business and myself in leaps and bounds. Keep it going Faith! I’m loving your energy!

  11. Lisa Molina says:

    Faith, Was so interested to watch the video! i had just gotten off the phone with Kary, so to watch the video was fab. The birds chirping was great! and when you were talking about the power of the tribe – I giggled at it “hit me with a v8″!! Online connections do allow our connections to be global and when we get to meet these people in person it really can create a synergy for great actions. Well done Faith!

  12. Christina Leo says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience and insights. Learning to connect both online and offline is a valuable skill that requires time and discipline. Thanks for reinforcing this concept.


  13. As I go through all my trials and tribulations, I often think of the day when I will be able to shake the hands of all the great people who have introduced, mentored, and lead me down the right path. Kary is definately one of them and maybe some day I will come shake his hand (with his permission of course) and let him know that because of him when I was down and out he brought me back into the game and now I know for sure that I will never quit. Great post by the way. Great group.

  14. Kary Rogney says:

    Hi Faith!

    Thanks for a fantastic post and for sharing
    our fun yet brief conversation.

    I truly look forward to the next time!

    All the best,

  15. I enjoyed this post, especially the video. It was nice to see new online friends connect in person. You are both articulate and looked so comfortable in front of the camera–gives me hope. Thanks for sharing.


  16. Great connection you guys… Building relationships is what it is all about.

    Coach Freddie

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